Dr. Dominic Florence is a Canadian pianist and writer who has earned praise for his distinctive approach to music with regard to performance, education and analysis. He received several performing and academic awards from three universities while studying with Ronald Turini, Bernadene Blaha, Robert Silverman and Jane Coop. Dominic is a Mason & Hamlin Artist.

Since completing his university studies, Dr. Florence has given lectures, masterclasses and performances with a focus on the music of J. S. Bach. People who have heard Dominic perform remark upon his compelling interpretations, transparent counterpoint and relentless vigour. He balances analytical attention to both large and small details in the score with an improvisatory fire and unflinching conviction. His first and only recording, The Isolation Cantos: Exordium, was released in 2009.

Dr. Florence has written essays, articles, reviews and commentary about music, and he is currently writing an educational book for advanced musicians on interpretation and performance. He has also written about other topics, including video games, animation and science fiction.

Aside from his efforts as a pianist and writer, Dominic has taught piano privately and at Carleton University, recorded and released an album of piano music, edited and engraved scores, prepared piano transcriptions, and composed electroacoustic music.

In 2016, Dr. Florence founded Contrapunctus Press, an independent publisher of keyboard scores and educational texts, and published his own edition of The Art of Fugue. Dominic continues to expand his solo repertoire and has recently discovered his love for collaborative music, especially in the songs of Schubert.

University Education and Awards:

Piano Professors
– Ronald Turini (1996-2000)
– Bernadene Blaha (2000-2002)
– Robert Silverman (2002-2003)
– Jane Coop (2003-2006)

Degrees and Diplomas
– Associate Performer’s Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto (1995)
– Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Western Ontario (2000)
– Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California (2002)
– Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from the University of British Columbia (2006)

Major University Awards
– University of Western Ontario Gold Medal in Piano Performance (2000)
– University of Southern California Award for Most Outstanding Graduate in Music (2002)
– University of British Columbia Fellowship (2004-2005)

University Scholarships and Honours
– University of Western Ontario: Entrance and Continuing Scholarship (1996-2000), Faculty Dependents Scholarship (1996-2000)
– University of Southern California: Tuition Scholarship (2001-2002), International Student Academic Award (2002), Award for Superior Scholarship and Outstanding Musical Performance, from the National Music Honor Society Pi Kappa Lambda (2002)
– University of British Columbia: Entrance Scholarship (2002), Tuition Scholarship (2003-2006), Mildred Johnson Scholarship (2003), Ruth Parnum King Memorial Prize (2003), Special University Scholarship (2005), DC & HL Knigge Graduate Scholarship (2005)