The following is a catalogue of my writing, encompassing essays, articles, reviews, lectures, theses and book chapters.

Music and Words in Mozart’s Operas [1998]
Lohengrin [1999]
Bowen and Performance Practice [2001]
Existence in the Digital Age [2001]
Cultural Bias in Dahlhaus [2001]
Horowitz as Teacher [2001]
Form and Function in Richard Strauss’s Burleske [2001]
Evolution in Scriabin [2002]
The Historical Perception of Schubert’s String Quartet in G Major [2002]
An Analysis and Demonstration of Rzewski’s Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues [2002]
Structural Performance in Fugue [2002]
Form and Process in Carl Vine’s Piano Sonata No. 1 [2002]
Early Keyboards and the Importance of Observing the Intentions of the Composer [2003]
Resisting Taruskin [2003]
Rhetorical-Musical Analysis of Pan’s Aria from “Was mir behagt” by J. S. Bach [2003]
Rhetorical Discourse and its Revelations Concerning Overall Structure [2003]
Following the Model Modulations of Johann Philipp Kirnberger [2003]
Recordings of Goldberg and Their Variations [2003]
A Few Words About Beethoven’s Op. 53 Sonata [2004]
A Few Words About Beethoven’s Op. 57 Sonata [2004]
Opposition as a Guiding Principle for Performance in J. S. Bach’s Die Kunst Der Fuge [2006]
Recordings and the Grieg – Music Only Happens Once [2007]
Higher Learning for Musicians [2007]
Western Art Music Culture [2007]
Music Competitions [2007]
Sinfonia VII – Competitions [2007]
Passion and Objectivity in Music [2007]
Are You Afraid of Bach? [2007]
An Analysis and Demonstration of Counterpoint in Bach [2008]
Memorization [2010]
On Teaching [2011]
On Recordings [2011]
Contrapunctus I [2012-13]

Video Games:
STG Elitist [2007]
Review – Mars Matrix [2008]
In Defence of Ninja Gaiden II [2008]
Some Problems With Contra 4 [2008]
Review – Shock Troopers [2009]
Defending the Mechanics of Resident Evil [2012]
How Not to Review Strikers 1945 Plus PSP [2012]
Identifying the Developer and Publisher in Reviews [2012]
Reviews Should Not Judge Value [2012]
Review – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game [2012]
Appropriate Mechanics for Appropriate Games [2013]
Best Driving Games [2013]
Best STG [2013]
Cameras in 2D Games [2013]
Cameras in 3D Games [2013]
Comparison in Reviews [2013]
Difficulty is Paramount [2013]
Fact in Reviews [2013]
First-Person Viewpoint [2013]
IGN’s Dragon’s Crown Review [2013]
Naming and Genre Conventions [2013]
Open-World Games [2013]
Procedurally Generated Laziness [2013]
Publisher and Creator Rights [2013]
Retro Does Not Mean Old [2013]
Sequels [2013]
Skill Types [2013]
Sonic Perception [2013]
Unbalanced Modern 2D Games [2013]
Unnecessary Abstraction [2013]
Unreal Engine [2013]
Wait a Decade Before Writing a Review [2013]
Worst Belt Scrollers on XBLA [2013]
Write Better, Follow the Rules [2013]
Writing is a One-Way Street [2013]
2D Mechanics Left Behind [2014]
2D to 3D [2014]
Action Games and Melee Combat [2014]
Additions to Interactive Mechanics [2014]
Analog Sticks and Other Atrocities [2014]
Backwards Compatibility Unnecessary [2014]
Bad Old Games [2014]
Belt Scroller Design Ideas [2014]
Casual Games [2014]
Difficult Racing Games [2014]
Freemium Arcade [2014]
Game Length [2014]
Game Patches [2014]
Graphics Outpace Platforms [2014]
Great Versus Favourite [2014]
Irony and Comedy [2014]
Japanese Superiority [2014]
Leave Me and My Games Alone [2014]
Make Old Games Available [2014]
Mechanics and Stories [2014]
Mechanics First [2014]
Moving Menus [2014]
New Games Journalism [2014]
Nintendo’s Fault [2014]
No More Platform Holders [2014]
One Difficulty Level [2014]
Online Play [2014]
Player and Enemy Interactions [2014]
Playing a Game for the First Time [2014]
Precision Controls [2014]
Publishers and Public at Fault [2014]
Pure Mode [2014]
Realistic Sports [2014]
Scoring Reviews [2014]
Serious Fun [2014]
Simple Games [2014]
Simplicity and Repetitiveness [2014]
Single Console Platform [2014]
Skill Trees Are Useless [2014]
Story and Other Useless Things in Games [2014]
Story Killed Video Games [2014]
The Capacity of a Reviewer [2014]
The Delusion of Emergence [2014]
The Game Development World is Far Too Large [2014]
The Mirage of Choice and Interactive Storytelling [2014]
The Problems of Resident Evil 6 [2014]
The Rare Case of New Better Than Old [2014]
Top Tens Are Useless [2014]
Used Games Should Be Blocked [2014]

Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem [1999]
A Season of Reviews: Orchestra London [2006-2007]
Book Review – Lost Genius by Kevin Bazzana [2007]
CD Review – Extase by Measha Brueggergosman [2007]
Anime Review – Fate/Stay Night [2008]
Anime Review – Neon Genesis Evangelion [2008]
The Essential Episodes of Star Trek [2012]